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As you, my dear readers well know, I began this blog-diary with some comments on the Eruption beneath Eyjafjallajokull glacier. We Icelanders are not nearly as self-expressive as my writing might suggest, but the move westward to a new frontier does strange things to the psyche. Anyway, I would just like to remark that one of the great side-benefits of this side-activity is the serendipitous discovery of all sorts of things, often through the comments of other bloggers. Today, for example, I learned about the Jazz scene in Umbria. Just imagine visiting there, eating and drinking at an outdoor restaurant, listening to music late into the night! Much earlier, on a totally different note, I learned about Camille’s sketchbook, a thoroughly wonderful art blog replete with amazing doodles, some in their original state, others treated to colorful digital processing. I just visited her blog again. It is delightful and highly recommended. How on earth did I find it? By accident! I had written a short piece Geometry and politics which contained an image of an amoeba. A comment from Camille, who also finds amoebas fascinating, for reasons quite different from mine, led me to her page. There is much more waiting to be discovered!


PS. If you think that the relation between politics and amoebas is a stretch, just take a look at those two pieces! [1] , [2]

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Arrival in the City

It was early morning when they arrived, Father and son. About six o’clock, shortly after sunrise, the hour when the guardians of the earth change stations. The protectors of the night fly to their dark sleeping places, while the great serpent awakes to greet the sun. Fearsome as he uncoils his muscular body, he is the gentlest of creatures, treating even those who tread upon the Prince’s flowers to little more than a cleaning with his forked tongue while the wrongdoers are held in a firm and scaly embrace.

Father and sun enter the city. They have a letter to deliver to the Prince.

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