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The Staircase

The staircase © 2010

More material for the coloring book. A project I work on from time to time, often as a substitute for doing what I really should be doing: cleaning the apartment, catching up on work, or, most importantly, catching up on sleep. But “une obsession peut cacher une autre,” to paraphrase the French expression. (See my very first post for thoughts on the topic “obsession”).

This drawing has a story, which begins as follows:

Once upon a time, in a far away galaxy, a little boy, whose name was Diilu, was about to go up the stairs to bed. It was 9 pm, already late. Tomorrow was a school day!

Diilu could see only two of the three moons that travel through the night sky — the small green one and the large orange one. The medium-sized white moon, where his father was working, had not yet risen ..

Alas, completion of this little project must wait. The software venture I am working on has reached the terminal crazy-frenetic stage. It occurs, with mechanical precision, just before scheduled product release when failure is the most probable outcome. Those who do the real work — my fellow programmers and I, software architects, computer scientists, and other geeks of low and high station — stay at the office later and later while our bosses (generally less educated though more extroverted than we are) call us to more and more meetings intended to make us more productive, thereby making us less so. But we shall overcome, one day, despite their managerial genius!


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Arrival in the city © 2010

Pen and ink drawng — “Arrival in the City,” from an eventually-to-be-published coloring book.

See next post for the reason why this will not happen in the short term.



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