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I found the following on a friend’s facebook post:


Sample art from xkcd.com

It is proof that comedy can be found anywhere, even in Inner Geekdom. Click on the image above and see for yourself!

PS. The drawing you find by clicking deserves careful study. The more you look at it, the funnier it gets. Especially if you know about electrical circuits and other mysteries of this mortal world. Note, for instance, the function of the rectifier circuit and its close proximity to a capacitor operating on a decidedly innovative substance. Further up, near the right margin is a timer circuit provided by the Beast himself. Fortunately one lead has not been connected, so perhaps the timer will not fire. Also reassuring is the exceptional quality of the circuit ground. See lower right-hand corner. Further textual analysis is left to the interested reader.

PPS. More humor


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Well, the software project has been all-consuming of late. No posts to the blog. No walks along the Charles River, either early morning or late at night. No more than a few minutes a day to touch the piano, to let her know, yes, I remember you, you are still part of my life, please bear with me – soon we will make music again till the wee hours of the morning. Nonetheless, I did have time for one indulgence: an iPad, ordered by mail, to avoid the crowds. Despite the scorn of my fellow geeks, it is a wonderful device. Indeed, magical! No doubt I am too close to the reality-distortion field emanating from its A4 processor – an undocumented feature of this piece of electronics:-)

What is the iPad for – for m? So far just a very few things, but important ones. (1) Rereading Moby Dick. I had forgotten a detail of the book: an emphatically stated (and oft-repeated) message of racial and religious tolerance. Remarkable considering its 1851 publication date. (2) Watching a film on the Netflix app with a friend. Japanese film, Departures. Sad, moving. iPad is fine for an audience of one or (better) two. (3) Best of all: the art apps. Below are some samples, not intended to show off any great artistic qualities, but just to show what is possible in a few minutes of finger-painting. As for content creation versus consumption, this is an absurd debate. The creators need the consumers and vice versa. In any case, fingerpainting is fun, whether it is an act of creation or (for adults) evasion of reality.


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