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Once upon a time there were two friends, a cricket and a millipede. The cricket admired the way his friend, Illacme Plenipes, could move forward with with such grace, with such coordination of her 700 legs. And the millipede admired the singing of her friend, Gryllus Rubens. One day Gryllus asked Illacme, “How do you do it? Which leg do you move first? How do you keep the rhythm?” Illacme had never thought about these things. But it seemed like an interesting question. Motionless, she thought for a a while, and then said, “Well, I think I do it like this …”. And there she remained in place, unable to move a single leg, or even the tip of her antennae. Night fell. It was not until Gryllus began to sing that the spell was broken and Illacme, the millipede, was able once again to creep along the damp earth.

An extract from my unpublished manuscript, “Lessons and Parables”

Song of Gryllus rubens


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