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The internet I want

Yesterday I went to see a friend, a retired history professor, who is still active in publishing scholarly articles. She wanted to show me a short film clip on YouTube. Not more than a minute and a half long, we waited six minutes for it to download. Enough time to finish a cup of coffee and taste the excellent cookies that she had prepared. And enough time to reflect on the connection at our office, in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is better, but it can take hours to download a four-gigabyte software install package. Amazing! And here comes the kicker:

   High-speed internet in Hong Kong

The internet connection I have

The company referred to in the article is offering 1000 megabit per second service for $26 per month! According to my computations, that means that I could download a 7.5 gigabyte file in one minute. Now that would make a difference in our productivity at the shop. Or think of my friends who work with video and have to transfer large files.

A comparison in the article: Verizon offers a “high-speed” connection of 20 megabits per second service for $144.95 per month/ Whoa!! More than five times as much money for a connection that is 50 times slower!

If this were April Fool’s Day, I could relax. This is just a joke. But it is the beginning of March. Perhaps I should move still further west, to Hong Kong. I hear that the food is excellent!!



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